Born to work at the service 
of industry respecting the environment.

Pelucchi Caldaie designs, manufactures and installs tailor made
boilers for thermal power production from renewable resources,waste, fossil fuels and industrial processes recovery

The foundation of the centuries-old success of Pelucchi Caldaie lies in the capability to design and apply technical solutions atthe meeting point between customer requirements and Pelucchi Caldaie know-how, leading to customized boilers, designed and delivered according to actual specification of each industrial process.

Since 1924, more than 7000 boilers by Pelucchi Caldaie have been designed, manufactured and installed around the word according to such philosophy.



Wood chips, pruning, bark, scraps, sawdust, olive pomace, sunflower seeds, cotton, other pelletized residues.

Heat Recovery

Gas from exhaust gas of endothermic engines, gas turbines and process furnace.

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Fossil Fuels

Natural gas, coal, fuel oil and by-products

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We choose the best solution with our technical team


Our boilers are built compliance
with the highest standards
of reference


Our boilres are installed  in compliance with deadlines
and regulations


We take care also to after sales service in order to extend  boilres' performances

Our experience    

at your service

The foundation of Pelucchi Caldaie's centuries-old success lies in the technological culture of special production.
When customer requests and Pelucchi technology meets, it leads to a specific, unique and unrepeatable project every time,
because it is designed and built on the basis of the concrete needs of a specific industrial reality.

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