Energy from heat recovery

of industrial processes

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Reliable customized boilers integrated in industrial processes. Pelucchi Caldaie designs and builds boilers
relying on a long experience gained in the industrial heating sector, covering a wide range of dimensions
and performances, always tailored to each specific process requirement.


Natural circulation water-tube recovery boilers for saturated or superheated steam production.

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Multi-tube recovery boilers for
thermal oil heating.

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Recovery shell

Ricovery fire-tube boiler for the production of hot water, superheated water or saturated steam.

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Tailored steam boilers from waste heat.

Natural circulation water-tube recovery boilers forsaturated or superheated steam production.

Tradition and innovation, experience and creativity: the ERTAWTE-HR series boilers, natural circulation water-tube recoveryboilers for saturated or superheated steam production, are themeeting point between tested technical solutions, strong (orsolid) executive standards and know-how aimed to the needs ofthe plant without any preventive impositions.

The ERTA-WTE-HR series develops vertically or horizontallyand, depending on the needs, includes economizer banches,evaporators, superheater by hot water with smooth or finned pipes.

It can be integrated downstream of any industrial process for thegeneration of hot gases with low or high ash content, enclosedby membrane walls and/or welded tangents in the hot sections,by metal casings in the colder parts.

If necessary, it is possible to equip the boilers with an automaticcleaning system with soot blowers or pneumatic hammers tooperate continuously with fumes with high concentrations ofdust.

Technical features

PRODUCTION (t/h) Up to 30
Up to 30
Up to  485
PRESSURE (barg) Up to 60
Up to 60

Simplicity meets technology for heat recovery

Multi-tube recovery boilers for thermal oil heating.

The MT series multi-tube recovery boilers combines the easy useof the diathermic oil, a fluid in the liquid phase, to technologyand reliability typical of the water-tube fired boilers for steamproduction.
The MT-HR series can be integrated downstream of any industrialprocess for the generation of hot gases with low or high ashcontent. It develops horizontally with ascending and descendinggas flows, through radiant channels and connective banches.If necessary, it is possible to equip the boilers with an automaticcleaning system with soot blowers to operate continuously with fumes at high concentrations of dust.

The parallelepiped shape, easy to install, encloses tangent tubeshielded chambers in the hottest sections which significantly reduce the use of refractory materials, decreasing the thermalinactivity for quicker start-ups and less maintenance over theyears.

Lastly, compatibly with the thermal profile of the users, it ispossible to install one or more fumes/oil, fumes/water or fumes/air counters in the sections at lower temperatures, all forming part of a single body.

The “packaged” style conformation on a free-standing frame, theinversion hoods and the fully inspectable ash collection hopperssupplied (or included in) and integrated insulation, as well as thepossibility of installing ladders and access walkways on the bodyof the boiler, makes the MT-HR series a complete package, whereforefront technology and attention to the details are totallycombined with a simple installation, operation and maintenance.

Technical features:

POWER (MW) Up to 18
TEMPERATURE (°C) Up to 350
PRESSURE (barg) Up to 15


The easiest way to value waste heat.

Recovery shell boilers for hot or superheated waterheating and saturated steam production.

The NLS series fire tube boilers are designed to recover thesensible heat contained in the exhaust gases of endothermicengines downstream of gas turbines or any industrial process, toproduce hot and superheated water, saturated and superheatedsteam..

The NLS series is configured as a boiler with one or more smoke passes depending on the load losses made available by the plant. 

The boiler body, suitably insulated, is finished with aluminumsheet or painted: the pipes can be inspected from the smokechambers and from the plating through special doors.

The boilers can be combined with economizer(s) to heat upboiler feed water by means of the exhaust flue gas residual heat,increasing the thermal cycle overall efficiency.

Technical features:

POWER (MW) Up to 10
Up to 10 -
TEMPERATURE (°C) Up to 100
Up to 180
PRESSURE (barg) Up to 20
Up to 20
Up to 20
PRODUCTION (t/h) - - Up to 15

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