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Our company

Pelucchi Caldaie designs, manufactures and installs tailor madeboilers for thermal power production from renewable resources,waste, fossil fuels and industrial processes recovery.

The foundation of the centuries-old success of Pelucchi Caldaielies in the capability to design and apply technical solutions atthe meeting point between customer requirements and PelucchiCaldaie know-how, leading to customized boilers, designed anddelivered according to actual specification of each industrialprocess..

Since 1924, more than 7000 boilers by Pelucchi Caldaie have beendesigned, manufactured and installed around the word according to such philosophy.

The main phases
of our working process


Starting from the desire to put our experience at the service of the customer and from a solid hundred years experience, we design our boilers in constant research of improvement and always referring to the latest regulations and technological standards,
up to the smallest detail.


We deem that the implementation of a tight plan of controlsand inspections throughout the whole design and constructionphases must go beyond the simple compliance with standard andregulations and it is essential to manufacture a reliable and longlasting product. 



Based on our centuries-old experience, we build our boilers withproven technical solutions, through manufacturing processescertified by notified Bodies and according to the most demandingconstruction standards, which we use to select also in our supplychain partners and external workshops.

Delivery & Installation

We dedicate to the final stages of every project the same care ofthe entire production chain, prioritizing the compliance with safety regulations and the respect of the time schedule agreed with the customer.


La nostra storia

Pelucchi Caldaie was founded in the 1924 by Cavalier Battista Pelucchi and it was run for a hundred years by three generations of his family. The founder was succeeded by his son Costantino Pelucchi, in charge for about forty years and, finally, by the grandson Giambattista Pelucchi, leading the company until 2020.

In 2020 Pelucchi Caldaie became part of Etica Group which ppointed a new CEO, empowered the Company structure and improved the working method to continue to be the market reference in the construction of boilers for industry and power production.

Pelucchi Caldaie has been a pioneer in the production of biomass lants, manufacturing since the 1950s hundreds of boilers, using as fuel wood processing waste to produce thermal energy. At the and of 1970s Pelucchi Caldaie manufactured the first boilers for cogeneration combining the production of thermal energy with electricity, both with diathermic oil in plants with ORC (organic Rankine cycle) and with high pressure superheated steam (steam Rankine cycle) using any type of agricultural or forestry biomass or wood processing waste as fuel type.

A reliable partner since 1924

We offer our customers a range of services of absolute quality, provided continously for decades with the utmos seriousness and in compliance with the highest reference standards in our sector. Thank sto our centuries-old know-how, we are able to be the technological reference partner
for both energy and industrial projects.

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