Interview to Engineer Vladimiro Bolis


Interview to Engineer Vladimiro Bolis


Mr Bolis, first of all, what is the main activity of your company?

Sime Energia Srl is an Energy Service Company which owns and performs the operational
management of different cogeneration plants for electrical and thermal energy production, fueled by natural gas or biomass and at the service of consumer units in the leading company ownership in the relevant sector (paper, chemical, automotive,..). The installed capacity of the owned plants is about 40 MWel and 120 MWth .

What kind of product did you acquire from Pelucchi Caldaie S.p.A?
Sime Energia Srl purchased from Pelucchi Caldaie SpA a solid biomass combustion system with mobile grate and the connected recovery boiler for the production of 10 t/h of high pressure steam (50 bar(g) and 440 °C), to be installed in its own plant at the service of Cartiera dell’Adda Srl in Calolziocorte consumer unit.

Are your projects with our company active at the moment, or have they been completed?
The supply has been completed and the operators are working on the start up

How did our Project Manager deal with the project?
Constantly and he was always available.

How did our company follow the project timing?
In strict contact with our Project and Site Managers in charge and without the introduction of delays.
What about our products and services overall quality?
At the moment I can value just the offered services quality and the quality of the installed but not yet activated plant and this one is actually pretty good.

Regarding our availability in understanding your needs?
Our staff has noted a good availability.

Now consider our punctuality:
As I have already said, the schedules concerning the engineering as well as the installation were complied with.

How would you describe our products and services price/quality ratio?
Marking again the fact that the operating quality hasn’t been verified yet, the construction quality has a very good price/quality ratio in a medium-high price range.

Would you entrust with our company again?
Up to now, I would say yes. We do expect the same skills in the start-up and commissioning phase and the same performance of the plant in operation.

Would you recommend our company to other ones?
Yes, I would.

What is the impression that Pelucchi made on you, how can we describe it using a single sentence?
Apart from the technical values, moreover essential for complex energy projects, we appreciated the continuous presence, the operative flexibility and the discussion availability.

Why would you recommend the company as a technological partner for projects which concern energy, once again in a single sentence?
I would recommend it because the projects regarding energy are always complex and highly integrated so, besides the necessary skill and experience, there is also the need to adapt during construction without introducing operative and management complexities.

How would you describe Pelucchi Caldaie S.p.A to a potential client in a single sentence?
I would say it’s an efficient company which, regarding dimensions and working approach, allows the client to converse with continuity and profit.

Name: Vladimiro
Surname: Bolis
Position: General Manager
Link: [email protected]

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