Interview to Engineer Diego Cucurachi


Interview to Engineer Diego Cucurachi


Mr Cucurachi, first of all, what is the main activity of your company?
Our company is an engineering company specialized in district heating, which realizes turnkey plants for the combined production of electrical and thermal energy, using different fuels, from fossil fuels to wooden biomass.

Our company also realizes special plants for process fluids heating for high-temperature thermal applications in industry and in the oil & gas sector.

What kind of product did you acquire from Pelucchi Caldaie S.p.A?
We acquired a compressed air superheater at 30 bar – 440°C, with direct fire, fueled by diesel oil, with a 9.2 MWth capacity.

Are your projects with our company active at the moment, or have they been completed?
They have been completed to our mutual satisfaction.

How did our Project Manager deal with the project?
With competence and professionalism.

How did our company follow the project timing?
The project timetable was very tight; with the considerable effort of the whole structure and the flexibility of the manufacturing workshop the timing was respected and it did not cause delays to the overall project.


What about our products and services overall quality?
It was very good.

Regarding our availability in understanding your needs?
It was very good and proactive, which, with the considerable experience gained over the years, is essential for the improvement of product and application.

What do you think about about our communications?
They were always consistent and satisfactory.

Now consider our punctuality:

How would you describe our products and services price/quality ratio?
The project was special and experimental thus with a high know-how degree and process risks. Altogether consistent with the type of project.

How would you estimate our response time?

How do you consider your company delegate’s knowledge grade?
Certainly professional and up to the situation.

Do you think our performances got better, got worse or remained the same compared to the past?
They improved with the expansion of the engineering and project management division.

Would you entrust with our company again?

Would you recommend our company to other ones?
Of course.

What is the impression that Pelucchi made on you, how can we describe it using a single sentence?
Reliable and competent partner to face an important challenge.

Why would you recommend the company as a technological partner for projects which concern energy, once again in a single sentence?
Because the company Pelucchi Caldaie not only is a competent partner, but it also has a considerable specific experience in the field.

How would you describe Pelucchi Caldaie S.p.A to a potential client in a single sentence?
Exactly as above.

Name: Diego
Surname: Cucurachi
Position: Technical Manager – Operation Manager
Link: [email protected]

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