Interview to Engineer Alessandro Bre’


Interview to Engineer Alessandro Brè


Pioneer company in realizing a cogeneration plant with an ORC Turboden system

Mr Bre’, first of all, what is the main activity of your company?
Our company uses boilers fueled by virgin biomass in order to heat three towns with as many district heating networks; in the main plant one of the boilers employs thermal oil as heat carrying fluid and is at the service of a cogeneration system with ORC technology.

What kind of product did you acquire from Pelucchi Caldaie S.p.A?
We acquired a thermal oil heater MT-FD type with a 7000 kWth capacity, bought in 2012 for our cogeneration facility in Tirano and a superheated water generator NLS-AS type with a 6000 kWth capacity, bought in 2015.

Are your projects with our company active at the moment, or have they been completed?
They have both been completed.

How did our Project Manager deal with the project?
Very well.

How did our company follow the project timing?
Pretty close I would say.

What about our products and services overall quality?

Regarding our availability in understanding your needs?

What do you think about about our communications?
They were very clear.

Now consider our punctuality:
Extremely efficient.

How would you describe our products and services price/quality ratio?
Pretty good.

How would you estimate our response time?
Extremely punctual.

How do you consider your company delegate’s knowledge grade?
Excellent knowledge grade.

Do you think our performances got better, got worse or remained the same compared to the past?
They definitely got better.

Would you entrust with our company again?
It’s much probable.

Would you recommend our company to other ones?
I would most likely do it.

What is the impression that Pelucchi made on you, how can we describe it using a single sentence?
Pelucchi perfectly understood the technical requirements as well as the timing to be complied with and hugely engaged in order to respect them both, ensuring a high quality product.

Why would you recommend the company as a technological partner for projects which concern energy, once again in a single sentence?
Pelucchi has the ability to capitalize on the experience gained to undertake new projects and the technical skills to resolve critical situations, adapting its own project to the client’s needs or to the bonds imposed by contingent situations, whether structural or relevant to the plant design.

How would you describe Pelucchi Caldaie S.p.A to a potential client in a single sentence?
A good company which combines the design tradition with innovation to be able to satisfy the client’s needs realizing a custom project.

Name: Alessandro
Surname: Brè
Position: Technical Manager
Link: [email protected]

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