Company History


Company History

“Pelucchi proposes and follows a development model and a growth path in which research and development of new technical solutions must be at the service of product quality, of safety and ease of use, of energy conservation, of environmental sustainability and compatibility. These are the challenges of the future and they are even more so for boilers, fundamental supports of the production process to which they provide energy “

Company History

Founded in 1924 by Cavalier Battista Pelucchi and then run for four decades by his son Costantino, the company is now led by Giambattista Pelucchi, member of the third generation and, as such, bound to his entrepreneurial tradition but also careful interpreter of the needs of a fast changing industrial and technological world.

Pelucchi Caldaie has been a pioneer in the production of biomass plants, manufacturing since the 1950s hundreds of boilers, using as fuel wood processing waste for the production of thermal energy.

In the 1970s Pelucchi manufactured the first cogeneration plants combining to the production of thermal energy also electricity and using as fuel any type of agricultural or forestry biomass or wood processing waste.

Starting from the 1990s Pelucchi Caldaie has designed and manufactured numerous plants for the production of 1 MWel with Rankine Organic Cycle (ORC) with thermal oil and of 3 MWel and over with superheated high pressure steam.




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