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About Us

“to be a technological partner for the own customer at every stage of the selection, investment and maintenance process in order to develop projects and implement solutions able to generate a real, sustainable and long term value through the development of the technological culture of special application, supported by a design and construction quality without compromises”

Company overview

Pelucchi Caldaie designs, manufactures and installs tailor-made solutions to generate thermal and electrical energy from renewable sources, from waste, from fossil fuels and from industrial processes recovery.

The foundation of the almost century-old success of Pelucchi Caldaie lies in the technological culture of special production. Usually the encounter between customer requirements and Pelucchi technology leads to an each time specific plant, unique and unrepeatable, because it is designed and manufactured according to the exact needs of an industrial well determined reality.

The variables are numerous: the heat carrying fluid (hot or superheated water, saturated or superheated steam, thermal oil); the flue-gas pipe, water-pipe or oil configuration; the fuel (gas, oil, biomass of different nature) with the necessary diversification of the combustion system. From the combination of these elements, in light of the customer’s technical requirements, comes a virtually endless variety of thermal units. It is estimated that the Pelucchi boilers produced according to this philosophy and installed around the world since 1924 are approximately 7000.

Industrial boilers for a better life


Natural gas, coal, fuel oil and by-products.


Solid: pellet, chips, bark, prunings, cuttings, rice-husk, marc, olive pomace, dry shells, etc.
Liquid: bioliquids
Gaseous: anaerobic gasification and digestion of organic materials.


RDF, paper mills pulp, process sludge, plastic, sorted waste.


From exhaust gas of endothermic engines, gas turbines and process furnaces.

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